This is THE BEST thing I have ever stumbled across! Banana ice cream is something you will see on most food blogs – the reason why… is amazingly easy, healthy and satisfying to make.

The simplicity of this refined sugar and dairy free ice cream makes it one of the regular “go-to” desserts in our house. It is great for kids too as there is no refined sugar, it contains hidden REAL fruit and milk – an all round winner.

I like to do this with other fruits too, so far I have made cherry ice cream, blood orange sorbet and mixed berry sorbet – all work fantastically well, but banana is still the best. Due to its lower water content you get a much creamier finish compared to other fruit.

A must try recipe!!!

  • No refined sugar
  • Dairy free
  • Easy to make
  • Kid approved


  • 1 banana per serving required
  • 75ml almond milk per banana used


  1. Prepare 1 day in advance by peeling, chopping & freezing your bananas in a zip-lock bag.
  2. When you are ready to serve, simply remove hte bananas from the freezer (give them a little bash while still in the bag to break it up a bit). Place the bananas and milk into a food processor and blend until smooth.
  3. Serve immediately!
  4. If you like you can add a little cinnamon to the mix – around 1/4 tsp per banana